Regarding the matter of improving a paid hunt account, a standout amongst the best and impactful approaches to enhance account execution is to have a negative catchphrase methodology. A negative magic word is a catchphrase match sort that permits you to channel out or keep your ads from being served when searchers use watchword phrase(s) that don’t adjust to your battle’s item or administration. A percentage of the primary profits of incorporating negative decisive words in your records are:

  • Increase in spend efficiency – Avoid click costs from non-relevant keyword(s) and allow more budget to be available to your higher-performing keywords.
  • Improve conversion rates and lower cost-per-conversions – With more budget available for higher-performing keywords you should see conversion rates improve and cost-per-conversions decrease.
  • Increase in click-through rate – Eliminating irrelevant search terms will improve ad relevancy and thus the click-through-rate.

To learn more about the importance of negative keywords when it comes to paid search, download our “Getting ‘Negative’ To Get Positive Results With Your Paid Search Program” POV (Point of View).

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